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Welcome to 2019 Souhegan Valley Lacrosse

On behalf of all of our Board Members and Coaches,

Welcome to the 2019 Souhegan Valley Lacrosse season. As the “River Hawks” enters its 31ST year, we are getting ready to kick off another great season with our 2nd Annual Spring Jamboree being held at Souhegan High School – Calvetti Field this coming weekend.  Rosters are being filled and uniforms are getting ready to be handed out.  (Separate communication being sent out by the Board)

A couple of pieces of information to assist you with communications for the season.  All information about fields, teams, events, teams, rules etc. can be found on our website.    We will also provide updates and fun information on our Facebook site.

Your coaches and team parent will use SI Play that you can download to your smart phone to provide team schedules, team updates, scores, photos etc.  Please make sure you have the most updated contact information on our website.

Please make sure you check out lots of places on our website with your player, as we try to make it a place to learn more about this great game and find fun stuff out about lacrosse.

SVL is committed to serving the children who are interested in learning to be well rounded individuals and who are willing to learn the great sport of Lacrosse as well as be taught life lessons along the way.  All players will follow the "ROOTS" approach to the game as outlined by U.S. Lacrosse and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

R = Respect the game
O = Respect the Officials and Coaches
O = Respect your Opponent
T = Respect your Team
S = Respect yourSelf

All members will follow this Philosophy as it is the cornerstone for success in sports and life.

Our league is called the New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association.

Since its inception NHYLA has promoted and supported boys and girls lacrosse with members increasing in number each year in both areas. NHYLA currently has over 36 towns/programs participating in the NHYLA with approximately 310 teams (approximately 35% girl’s teams and 65% boy’s teams) from the ages of 7 through 15 years old.

Your child’s coach should never sacrifice your child’s playing time for the sake of winning a game.  Although SVL does not teach coaching to lose, neither does it stress winning as the only goal of the program. The goals are to help kids learn the game, to respect the sport and each other, and to have fun. This philosophy does not mean NHYLA games are not competitive. Anyone who has seen a close U12 game come down to the wire knows the League produces competitive players.

The SVL philosophy enables players to learn in a supportive environment free from undue pressure in which an honest, educational mistake may “cost” the team a game or championship. This approach also empowers coaches to focus on developing and supporting all the players and not on worrying about winning youth championships.

Updated 2019 Season rules are also posted on our website to view and to learn more about the game.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or the respective VP’s, Andy Jordan VP Girls and Todd Boudreau VP Boys.

We are going to have a great time and lots of fun this year with in season family events, Tournaments, SVL Team weekend, Family Picnic and the end of the year NHYLA Festival again being held at SHS where over 18,000 families and 5,000 players hit the fields to close out the season. 

I look forward to seeing you all on the fields and having fun watching your kids play this great game and having fun!


Michael Hannon

President Souhegan Valley Lacrosse



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SVL Presidents Letter - End of Year
I hope everyone enjoyed this season and without a doubt what...
GSE Elite Tryouts 2019-2020 Season


Youth sports will have a big impact on young players/athletes. Please do not underestimate the life lessons youth sports can offer all of us.


“My responsibility is leadership, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team.” Don Shula, Positive Coaching Alliance (2019).


1)    Be positive:


2)    R.O.O.T.S. Respect Officials, Opponents, Teammates and Self. SO important. A coach MUST be a role model for players when coaching and making comments about officials calls.


Today (5/4/2019), while I was officiating a youth game, a coach on the sideline FAR from the play exclaimed “That was the worst call I have ever seen!”. The coach was 70 yards from the call/foul. The official was 10 yards. Bottom line: Near or far; what message are you sending to student-athletes when you exclaim such a frustration?


Manchester Union Leader, Sunday May 5, 2019: Credit to coach Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics) for saying, “I don’t complain about officials. We have a lot of things we have to work on.”

3)    Athletes must learn to respect ALL participants in a sporting event. Please, as an administrator, a coach of a NHYLA team, or a parent on the sideline, be the best role model you can be for everyone involved in our game.




NHYLA is looking for sportsmanship nominations! If you see a team/league that exemplifies sportsmanship - please email  with your comments and recommendations!


Thank you again for ‘volunteering’ to fill a lacrosse role this season!

Please feel free to reach out to the VP of Girls and/or Boys at for resources when challenged with a situation and/or concern.

VP of Girls - NHYLA


Cathreen Stearn

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SVL Presidents Letter - End of Year

SVL Presidents Letter - End of Year

I hope everyone enjoyed this season and without a doubt what a great end of year participating and hosting the NHYLA Festival.

Each year NHYLA awards 1 Boys Team and 1 Girls Team for Sportsmanship out of 130 teams for the 2019 season. I am so proud to say, our SVL Boys 10U Blue Team and the 10U Girls teams were nominated and won the awards.  

Wow - Great job to the players, coaches and our parents.

As host, we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and thank you and appreciation on hosting the event. We were told many times that this was the best Festival to date.  I couldn’t agree more and we cannot make it happen without working together as a club.

As a result, not only did we do well at the concessions, but we will also be able to give back to both high school programs so we all will continue to grow our clubs.

Even though the spring season has just ended and many are in the midst of summer teams, vacation and relaxing, we are already planning for next year.  One thing we are committed to as a Board of Directors is open communication and we’d like that to start with this note. 

Our goal is to continue to create a well-organized volunteer and fundraising base that promotes sportsmanship, excellence, safety and fun for all involved.  We have a number of goals but in short we want to implement a structure for consistency, continuity and systematic player and team progression each year advancing those concepts – Pre-K through 12U age levels. If we accomplish our goals above, winning will be a by-product of a great organization and a love for lacrosse.

We are now seeing the excellent results of these efforts.

The club is involved with all aspects of boy’s and girl’s lacrosse at SVL from the youth level through working with the Jr. High School and High School teams.   

Communication is vital to the success for any program.  To keep communication open, we plan to keep our SVL Board Meetings throughout the year.   We will keep the website open and updated. . 

All of the Board Members are committed to the program and easily approachable should there be any questions or concerns.  We will also communicate via email throughout the off season as needed. 

We will be holding our end of the year SVL Board Monthly Meeting July 1st at the Milford Ambulance – Elm St. Milford. 

This meeting we will be having a “Town Hall” type meeting to take questions, suggestions and we will also be looking for our parents to step up and join the board as we anticipate individuals stepping down as children have aged out of the program. With a focus on inclusivity, we are always looking to involve as much of the lacrosse community as possible.  If you have a talent that you are able to share with our community please feel free to contact any of the board members or attend one of our next monthly meetings.  We are excited to plan our next season and further development of the club.   

This year success was not only on the field with the club, but we continue to drive innovative and a strategic approach that will keep us growing and being viable as a club for many years to come. 

Some exciting offerings for next year are:  

Winter Lax Clinics-   We will be partnering exclusively with an established organizations to bring Lax Sills Clinics to the area.  (More to Come)

Spring Jamboree- 3rd Annual Jamboree continues to grow and be a huge success.  We will see more teams and players from not only NH but from around New England participate.

New Adaptive Lacrosse Program:  It has come to our attention that US Lacrosse, in an effort to expand its diversity and inclusion goals, has developed guidelines for adaptive lacrosse programs. According to US Lacrosse the adaptive lacrosse program is an opportunity for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to become involved with the game. Our goal is to become a club “where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture” of lacrosse throughout New Hampshire

Little River Hawks- Learn To Play -   We will be having two session next year both in the winter and spring.   With the growth in Learn to Play Programs, SVL will continue to grow and advance with this program.

NHYLA Festival -   The festival will be back for the 4th year.  This is our biggest fundraiser and with the success we had this year, we will continue to make it bigger and better.  We would love your input and involvement because it take a lot of people to volunteer.  Thank you to all who participated and had a blast

Spring Registration will begin on or about Mid -October 10th and end around Mid-January.  The fee’s will cover the player’s uniform (which the player will own), referee fees, insurances and additional state fees, Field Costs, League Fees, Pre Season Jamboree, Equipment bags/balls for coaches, 8 regular season games and Festival.  Indoor field time at the Dome is not included in registration.  If your uniform is in excellent shape, you will get a discounted rate of registration.  Assign Uniform Number needs to be used.

High School Players- Leaders joining the Board and our Coaching Ranks:   As we continue to grow this great sport at the youth level, we also need to understand high schoolers objectives and how hard they work.  Tapping into our high schoolers provides a tremendous amount of input and getting some valuable suggestions.  Also select high school players are on the field being certified as US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaches.  These high school students are having a blast while coaching our next generation of players.

It should go without saying that Souhegan Valley Lacrosse only exists for the betterment of our athletes. The goal of SVL is to enable any child wishing to play lacrosse in our Souhegan Communities to do so regardless of experience or resources. We believe in hard work, team camaraderie, sportsmanship, and having fun!  This is the beauty of using sport for not only fun and health reasons, but also to teach life lessons and social dynamics.

Again please join us on Monday July 1st at our end of the year Board Meeting – Town Hall Session.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2019 River Hawks Lacrosse Season.


Michael Hannon, CFI; President
Todd Boudreau Vice President (Boys)
Andy Jordan Vice President (Girls)
Carla Boudreau, Secretary
CFP- Shawn Tewksbury, CPA - Treasure




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GSE Elite Tryouts 2019-2020 Season

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